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"keep on rolling under the stars."

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Fight Club dir. David Fincher (15 October 1999 - USA)

Oct 19th    ♥ 15


Art trade ~! with tacogrande >w<)// 

Vampire!Kurt & scaring blaine! ……….. 

The color is too difficult for me >o<;;;

Was very interesting, I want to again! //// 

Autumn (Klaine) icons 

I love drawing icons! :3

“I stand here before you aware of the similarities that we share. I know that you’re feeling, outside of my incredible stage fright, the same things that I’m feeling. Pride and accomplishment, closure and regret, and a hopeful outlook on the future. But I don’t think you need me to eleborate on those feelings. Instead, I wanted to share something personal and tell you that…that people in my life who are gone now, people I miss very much and people who I’m haunted by in different ways.

"many years have passed since those summer days,
 among the fields of barley…”

Eva Cassidy ♫

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